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Agri-connect works with farmers who own equipment like tractors, harvesters, drones, trollies and other mechanical implements by allowing them to ‘rent’ out their assets to help pay off the purchase or generate additional revenue.

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about Agri Connect

Agri connect is a platform that associates small farmers with the service providers for quality supplements , technology and machinery at a very economical price at their doorsteps that results in enhanced production. Our platform keeps culture and creativity at the heart of everything. Our mission is to help the farmers who are in remote areas with small holdings and limited capital, to have an access of modern and advanced technology and machinery  on a pay-as-you-use basis on either an hourly or acreage pricing. The farmers who own equipment and machinery like tractors ,drones, trollies and harvesters  to rent out their assets to help pay off the purchase and generate additional revenue too.

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